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How it all began: My letter to Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Beginning of February I sent a 6 page letter to several people at Suffolk Wildlife Trust. I wanted to raise some valid points and good arguments why I believe what they are doing is wrong, and unjustifiable.

I did a lot of research to be able to back up my arguments by facts. If you are interested in this cause, then reading the letter is the best way to find out why I have started this initiative.

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What is the plan -

and why it is worth trying to save the remaining bits of woodland

It is important to understand what further work will be carried out and what this will mean for the Knettishall trees and the species they support. 

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Quotes from the public

Three locals explain why they are upset with Suffolk Wildlife Trust

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Comments from a wise little bird

Meet Henry, the Knettishall Phooking Bird and see what he has got to say about it all...

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Just how much heath do we really need?

And, more importantly, why? 


We keep hearing that we need to restore our heathland, but why is that, really? Find out about our international obligations, ambitious targets and the environmental super strategy to implement it all.

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It's not that simple - the high maintenance habitat that is heathland 


Heathland is not a natural habitat. It only exists as a result of human intervention initially (clearing of existing vegetation like woodland) and ongoing management, suppressing nature from doing what it naturally wants to do. An undertaking that is by far not as simple as we are told.

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They claim.... 


"We are only returning it to what it should be - open heath" ..

Suffolk Wildlife Trust have been saying that their work is necessary and beneficial. We take a look at their most heard claims and give our response.

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Another local's comment... 


Local eccentric Gossiter Gonad’s musical shaming of SWT has been an absolute hit on Facebook, and he has now made it onto Youtube!

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